The X³ Plugin for Unreal Engine

is a powerful development tool enabling Unreal Engine developers to convert polygonal mesh into tetrahedral mesh to deliver more realistic and accurate 3D objects.

The X³ Plugin for Unreal Engine integrates into Unreal Engine’s development platform and will be available on the Unreal Engine marketplace as a free download in Q1 2023.

Epic MegaGrant Recipient

BioMedX is a recipient of Epic Games’ Epic Megagrant for the proposal to develop an X³ Plugin. The X³ Plugin was developed using the grant to provide a tool for Unreal Engine developers to utilize tetrahedral mesh to deliver more accurate 3D objects to improve the user experience.

True 3D

The majority of the 3D objects and environments today are created using polygonal mesh. By nature, polygons are completely flat and can result in inaccurate models. A tetrahedron is three-dimensional in shape and a tetrahedral mesh delivers 3D models that are more accurate and precise, particularly when deforming or morphing its shape. With the X³ Plugin, developers now have the tool to convert their polygonal mesh objects into tetrahedral mesh to deliver true 3D and elevate their projects to the next level.

Data-Driven Simulations

The X³ Plugin delivers highly-accurate simulations that are data-driven. Depending on the objective and desired outcome, developers can set the parameters to determine the degree of transformation. By adjusting the data input and energy applied, a wide variety of simulation results can be achieved that adhere to the parameters.

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Fits into the Unreal Workflow

The X³ Plugin for Unreal Engine fits into the existing development workflow that Unreal developers are already familiar with. Once installed, the X³ Plugin is readily available from the Plugins menu within the Unreal Editor for easy access.

Wide Variety of Applications

The applications that can be powered by the X³ 3D Physics Engine and X³ Plugin are endless. The X³ Plugin for Unreal Engine enables any developer currently on Epic Games’ platform to utilize the Plugin to create any application of their choice from gaming to visual effects, and many more. BioMedX will be releasing the X³ Plugin for OpenXR and Unity platforms in the near future.

Industrial Standards

The X³ Plugin works with majority of the industrial 3D standards file formats including .obj and .stl.

Support & Resources

BioMedX will be providing online tutorials and guides on using the X³ Plugin as part of the Unreal Engine workflow. Details will be released in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the technical requirements for the X³ Plugin?

The X³ Plugin for Unreal Engine follows the specifications determined by Unreal Engine. Please refer to their website for the recommended and minimum hardware and software specifications for Windows, macOS, and Linux here.

Where can I download the X³ Plugin?

The X³ Plugin is available for download through Epic Games’ Unreal Engine Marketplace.

Do I have to pay to use the X³ Plugin?

The X³ Plugin for Unreal Engine is free to use for non-commercial projects and follows Epic Games’ licensing options for commercial use.