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3D Physics

BioMedX is a technology company transforming the way simulations can be accomplished through its proprietary X³ 3D Physics Engine. X³ delivers data-driven simulations that are specific, accurate, and personalized for the individual. These highly-accurate and data-driven simulations can be applied to a wide variety of applications including Healthcare, Gaming, Augmented Reality, and many more. Through simulations, more comprehensive approaches can be developed to optimize surgical outcomes, mitigate risks, and enhance recovery time.

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See the Future Now

BioMedX developed the X³ 3D Physics Engine with the goal to see the future through data-driven simulations. Simulations provide the ability to reduce costs, mitigate risks, identify potential problems, and many other advantages.

BioMedX has envisioned the confluence of the X³ 3D Physics Engine and other X³-powered technologies in-development to create innovative solutions that can deliver benefits in Healthcare, Gaming, Research, and many other fields.

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A data-driven approach to medical aesthetics

To validate the X³ 3D Physics Engine, BioMedX developed the FACIEM³ Aesthetics Simulator powered by X³. FACIEM³ simulates the post-procedure results of popular medical aesthetics procedures such as Lip Augmentation and Wrinkle Smoothing with highly-accurate results.

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