A Deep Tech Company

BioMedX is a deep tech company that has developed a proprietary 3D physics engine known as X³ designed to deliver highly accurate biomechanical simulations. X³ uses science, engineering, and design principles to drive biomechanical simulations that are accurate, and can be applied to a wide variety of applications including Healthcare, Gaming, Augmented Reality, and many more. Through biomechanical simulations, more comprehensive approaches can be developed to optimize outcomes, mitigate risks, and enhance the results.

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Delivering Innovative Biomechanical Simulations

Biomechanical simulations use scientific, engineering, and design principles to analyze human motion and predict the outcomes.

Biomechanical simulations enable scientists, engineers, researchers, and many more to investigate, evaluate, and optimize the relationships between dynamic forces and motion and their impact on our bodies.

Biomechanical simulations provide a sandbox environment that can be sped up or slowed down. In addition, variables can be introduced within the sandbox to test the hypotheses and mitigate the risks, while obtaining the best outcomes.

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A data-driven approach to medical aesthetics

To validate the X³ 3D Physics Engine, BioMedX developed the FACIEM Aesthetics Simulator powered by X³. FACIEM simulates the post-procedure results of popular medical aesthetics procedures such as Lip Augmentation and Wrinkle Smoothing with highly-accurate results.

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